Welcome to GJH-INC Career Support!

There are number of ways to define career in one’s individual life. At GJH-INC, we support the range of aspects of an Individual’s life, learning and work.

Our proficient Career Management model and career guidance includes the ability to reflect on one’s current career, research of the IT market, determine if Continued Education is necessary, find openings and finally make career changes.

We meet all the regulatory and lawful standards Department of Labor (DOL) and United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requirements for sponsorship of H1B Visa employees. If you have an H1B Visa status, please feel free to inquire about the jobs by contacting us.

We appreciate your interest in career opportunities with GJH-INC. We provide accelerated career paths for a better future and are a dependable partner for many Fortune 500 companies.

Thank you for choosing GJH-INC!